How to Raise Venture Capital | Entice Investors to Fund Your Startup Idea ,by Mr.Neil Patel

Raising Venture capital is one of the biggest Challenges that any entrepreneur will face in his/her lifetime. We are here to assist you raising venture capital for your company from various sources across the globe.

Make a Good Business Plan

Business Plan Writing 101,” featuring Patrick FitzGerald, C’97, Managing Director of DreamIt Ventures. FitzGerald discusses what is required to write an effective business plan

How to Find an Angel Investor ?

How to find investors ? Use AngelList which is a website with a list of investors you can contact

Angel Investment Sources all over the world.

You need to remember that making a startup company successful is a very big challenge, thousands of startups have failed all over the world , but at the same time, there are hundreds of successful stories too. What you need to have in you is confidence and faith. Do not under estimate the market. Do not launch a product or service without doing ” Market Survey”.  If there is no demand for your product or service, do not launch the business. 

Study about failures of entrepreneurs all over the world, success will hug you. Many people focus only on successful 
entrepreneurs, but you need to focus on failures of entrepreneurs in the past and try to find out why entrepreneurs failed? You will learn a lot.
You do not have time to fail and learn from mistakes, so learn from failures of others and keep your house in order in Advance.

The immediate Angel Investor you will get may be a person who is known to you personally. Convince that person about your business idea and offer profits and get the first angel investment done. There is plenty of money in the market looking for innovative ideas.

Mr.Shriram had been discretely advising two Stanford PhD students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were trying to invent a new way of searching the internet. In February of 1998, Shriram became one of the first early investors of Google, with a $250,000 investment.

There are various resources for funding for entrepreneurs in India, Here are some of them.


Catamaran Ventures




SIDBI Venture Capital

Kerala Ventures

Kalaari Capital



Nexus Venture Partners

Accel Partners




SAIF Partners

Helion Venture Partners

Here are some of the best tools and resources that I suggest Startup companies to Choose.

Here are 10 tech tools you’ll need to start an online business.
Online business plan services. The key to launching any successful business is having a solid plan in place to follow.
Web hosting.
Shopping cart software.
Anti-virus software.
Credit card processing.
POS system.
Time tracking and management software.
Online data storage.

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If you are looking for Cost Effective Email Marketing online software, Chose GETRESPONSE

If you want to get a cost effective Project Management software,Use WRIKE

Do you want to conduct Online meetings effectively? Use DOODLE

Do you want to Manage Your Social Media Posts effectively? Use CROWDFIRE

Are you looking for a simple CRM Software to Track your sales? Use FRESHSALES

Want to Hire people? Use BREEZY HR-an End-to-end recruiting software to help you attract & hire great employees with less effort.

Do you want to Make your own explainer video, advertising video ? Use MOOVLY

Do you want to Make A Quiz To Generate Leads For Your Business? Use INTERACT

Do you want to Install a Business Chat on your Website? Use JIVOCHAT


Do you want to Display real-time customer activity notifications on your website and let your existing customers sell for you? Use PROOF

Do you want to Make a quick website, fast and Easy? Use STRIKINGLY

Do you want to make a Quick LANDING PAGE for your Business? Use LANDER

Do you want to Create and send professional invoices quickly on the go? Use QUICKBOOKS

Do you want to Generate Custom Content at Scale and Run Ads Using Creator Produced Content ? Use INSENSE

Do you want to Hire a FREELANCER to do an Online Work? Use FIVERR

Do you want to find business leads and social media influencers in any niche and location? Use NINJA OUTREACH

Do you want to Get Your Local Number Instantly. Make Calls to 190+ Countries? Use CALLHIPPO

Do you want to Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course ? Use TEACHABLE

Do you want to buy large email Database to Market your products and Services ? Use EMAILDATAPRO

Are you looking for some of the best and cheapest web hosting companies to Host your website, here are some of them.


Bluehost provides Various types of web hosting services including Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated server, reseller hosting and many more.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides Quick & Efficient Customer Support and Fast Server. Open the website to know more.


Do you want to launch a beautiful website with very less effort, Use Strikingly.


Create your stunning website. WordPress powers beautiful websites for businesses, professionals, and bloggers.

After you host your website, now you need to find ways of marketing your website, How you do that? There are various methods of marketing any website.

Hire a Freelancer – Digital Marketing consultant. You can find thousands of Digital Marketing consultants at FIVERR.COM

Email Marketing – This is one of the most efficient methods of getting your site traffic, you can do email marketing using GETRESPONSE.

While doing email marketing ensure that you do not SPAM. Using Getresponse Platform you can install pop-up form on your website (Optin forms),where by you can convert visitors of your website to subscribers.

Send email newsletter to your subscribers periodically, grow your email subscribers on a day today basis, your company will grow and do not forget to add valuable contents to your website that will keep your audience engaged.


One of the easiest ways to generate traffic for your website is via facebook Ads. You can spend $10-$20 usd per day everyday and market your website to targeted audience. Use a video or a good image to attract the audience. This can generate thousands of clicks for your website, and depending on quality of your products or service, you may generate sales/ business leads. Watch the video given below to know more about marketing in Facebook.


You can harvest emails from Internet using Email Extractor software. There are many email extractor softwares in the market, I use EYESBIT.COM. You harvest emails using keywords and Authenticate the emails using ZEROBOUNCE.NET.