Latest Scrap Metal Inventory from USA.

Dear Scrap Traders

I am Gijo Vijayan from Glauben Impex, How are you?

Following is the list of latest Scraps available from USA.

Those interested to buy, email me at:

New Inventory:

+ Harness Wire upto 45% recovery – 1Load FAS Newark, NJ

+ Dirty Aluminum Wheel with max 1% impurities – 2Loads FAS Newark, NJ

+ Mixed Electric Motors 5Loads FAS Newark, NJ – Price gone up this week

+ Aluminum Nose Starter Straight 4 Loads FAS Newark, NJ

+ Alternator Straight 4Loads FAS Newark, NJ

+ LDPE Roll Scrap available on higher volume 1250MT on CFR, CIF Basis

+ Clean LDPE Film Scrap on higher volume 900MT on CFR, CIF Basis

+ PET Bottle Scrap on higher volume 750MT on CFR basis

+ Industrial HDPE Film Grade densified .8melt .939 Density 1Load

+ PETG Mixed Color with 5% Talc and colorant Straight 3Loads

+ HDPE Cable Shealth with approx. 23% Aluminum insert FAS Savannah, GA

Weekly ongoing Sale:

+ 5Loads of Al Old Sheet (ISRI: Taint Tabor) with 3% attachment

+ 3Loads of Aluminum Tense (Cast) with 5% attachment

+ 3Loads of Zorba 92/2 as Trial and monthly upto 15Loads

+ 500MT of Aluminum Engine/block drained from Oil

+ 400MT of Engine Combo

+ Irony Aluminum upto 60% recovery – 5Loads

+ 100MT of AL Engine processed (up to 60% recovery) from Houston yard

+ 5Loads of Aluminum Auto Castings (99.9% Clean) from Chicago Ramp

+ Auto Transmission 5Loads available

+ 5Loads of Fridge Compressor(Sealed Units) from GA & NJ

+ 5Loads of Car AC Compressor

+ 3Loads of Alternator

+ 2Loads of Started with Al Nose

+ Harness Wire upto 45% recovery – 1Load

+ 27MT 99.9% Clean Copper Grade A Quality

+ 200MT of mixed Electric Motors

+ 3Loads of Combo: Electric Motors and Fridge AC Compressor from San Juan, PR

Plastic Scrap:

+ ABS Mixed Computer housings in bales – 1Load

+ HMW HDPE natural repro 7.2 MLI from IBC’s available – 4Loads

+ PVC Flooring trim, The clear shavings are clear flex pvc overlay – 1Load

+ PP white strapping in bales available – 1Load

+ PET Green translucent strapping in bales available – 1Load

+ 100% Polyester Air Bag Scrap in bales with no nylon – 2Loads

+ ABS white and black computer housings bales – 2Loads

+ HDPE majority natural IBC’s in bales available – 1Load

+ Silicone rubber available – 1Load

+ PVC Gray Regrind (Westlake 5009 PVC) – 3Loads

+ Nylon 6/6 Natural bath mats with a rubber backing in bales – 5Loads

+ LDPE natural film grade regrind available – 2Loads

+ LDPE natural regrind – 1Load

+ Mixed A & B Grade clear film in bales available – 1Load

+ Post Industrial HDPE printed film on rolls available – 1Load

+ Post Industrial HDPE/evoh gas tanks in bales or available – 1Load

+ HMW HDPE natural 8 melt HLMI washed regrind available – 1Load

+ Industrial LDPE film with small % of PP nonwoven in bales – 2Loads

+ Grade A LDPE Clear Film available – 2Loads

+ Post Industrial 25% LLDPE/75% HMW HDPE black coextruded film – 1Load

Ferrous Scrap For November Shipment:

Only Tt/Wire Payment and No LC for November loading

+ 250MT of HMS 1&2 as Trial Order

+ 2000MT of HMS 1&2 from Houston, TX for Oct 4th Week Shipment

+ 1000MT of PNS from Houston, TX for Oct 4th Week Shipment

+ 1000MT of Shred211 available

+ 1000MT of Shredded Scrap from Miami, FL

+ 500MT of Cast Iron